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The American Pharmacists Society (APS) is a nonprofit organization in the United States with a purpose to support Pharmacists, Interns, Technicians, Students, and all other Pharmacy professionals. Our support is to help advance their profession through guidance in career advancement, and leadership opportunities to help expand the different pharmacy roles in society. The numerous roles that pharmacists have ranged from research, dispensing/verification, clinical knowledge of mechanisms of action, and so much more! APS along with other professional communities is committed to serving the profession of Pharmacy and all who are intrigued to learn or expand in the field. 

Our Mission

We being the APS organization aim to advance the Pharmacy profession by providing tools for professional development to enhance and support the systems we work within and the patients we serve. 

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Our Mission
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Our Vision

Our vision at APS is to aid pharmacists with knowledge/ expertise to share in the support of patient's overall well-being. Pharmacists are on the front lines of encountering patients and are able to make recommendations from consultations and speaking one on one with patients. The vision of APS is to share up-to-date information on new drugs and best practices within each drug/drug class which will aid Pharmacy professionals to recommend what is best for each patient. It will also help then in supporting other healthcare workers such as Physicians, NP, PA, and many others to make sure that each patient is getting the very best care. 

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