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Virtual Job Fair by APS

Updated: May 24, 2021

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American Pharmacist Society to bring a Virtual Job Fair for Texas Pharmacists (By Sahar Mazhar)

We are learning new ways of moving forward in this pandemic by switching our events to Virtual ones up until we have clarity of situation.

Virtual Job Fair

American Pharmacist Society's (APS) Texas Chapter is pleased to announce that we will soon be introducing our first Virtual Job Fair for Texas Pharmacists. #texaspharmacists #uspharmacists

APS has a mission to support pharmacists beyond limits and to create new ideas in this new world where everyone is suffered from the pandemic. Where in-person visits and gatherings are not much supported, APS is planning to offer Virtual events that can broaden the opportunities for Pharmacists all over the US but right now for Texas Pharmacists. Dedicated team of coordinators are working towards our mission and towards making this event as useful as possible.

We are welcoming all pharmacist volunteers to join us in this cause to make the U.S. a better market for Pharmacists.

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